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Collect and revisit web pages.

Conifer is a web archiving service that creates an interactive copy of any web page that you browse, including content revealed by your interactions such as playing video and audio, scrolling, clicking buttons, and so forth.

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Conifer is an online service based on Webrecorder software.

Online Now ≠ Online Tomorrow

Links break. Information is removed from the web. Services disappear and redesigns happen. Make sure that what’s important to you will stay available.

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Capture Complex Webpages

Unlike conventional crawler-based web archiving methods, Conifer’s approach allows even intricate websites, such as those with embedded media, complex Javascript, user-specific content and interactions, and other dynamic elements, to be captured and restaged.

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Autopilot Your Captures

Capturing pages on a popular web platform? Autopilot behaviors may be able to speed up your capture via automation.

Advanced Features

Login and Capture
Capture what you see on websites when you're logged into them, and share archived pages without revealing your credentials.
Publish and Share
Make your collections publicly accessible or keep them private.
Own Your Data
Download your web archives in the ISO standard WARC file format.
Pre-configured browsers for best capturing results
Conifer's Remote Browser feature provides access to a range of preconfigured browsers running on the Conifer server. They offer for the most thorough capture of network traffic, and support for Flash.

You can support a free platform for archiving the web.

Conifer is an open source web archiving initiative by Rhizome, an institution supporting born-digital art and culture

Becoming a supporter or donor helps us offset our operational costs, keeping Conifer a sustainable project.

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Conifer is a project of Rhizome, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.