Travelnista - Selected Tourist Spots in Indonesia

    Travelnista - The city of Bandung always really misses, also for those who have often vacationed in Bandung once. Mahfum, not only culinary delights and very kind, Bandung is also filled with tourist attractions that make this city one of the main sightseeing magnets in Java.

    Travelnista - Do not ask any questions, every weekend, there are several thousand or tens of thousands of Jakartans who designate Bandung as the location for their short vacation!

    What are the vacation spots in Bandung that make this city reasonable to stop off and explore again?

    Travelnista - Normally there are 2 types of transportation that travelers use to go to Bandung: by individual car or by train. If you don't have an individual car, going to Bandung by train is definitely the preferred alternative. You can then rent a car in Bandung and book with the Klook program to feel more comfortable around Bandung and go to various vacation spots in Bandung recommended by Klook in this article.

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