How to crack clat in 6th to 8 months


    How to crack clat in 6th to 8 months

    How to crack CLAT in just 6 to 8 months

    The CLAT exam is the most difficult entrance exam for students that want to pursue the legal profession. Although it is advised that the students should start preparing for the exam 1 year before the commencement of the exam but some students start preparing around 6 to 8 months before the examination. Some of the tips to crack the CLAT exam in just 6 to 8 months are given below:

    1st Month: Following a proper study routine

    The first thing is to make a study routine which is very important to start the preparation.

    The students are advised to make a proper study routine including all the subjects and give time equally to each one of them so that they can practice properly. It is advised that the students should join a law coaching institute to kick start their clat preparation. Coaching Institute provides regular classes that help the students to keep following their study routine.

    2nd Month: Start with the Current Affairs and Legal Aptitude

    Current Affairs is the most difficult section of the exam and it is advised that the students should study current affairs for at least one year or more. The legal aptitude section is easy as compared to the current affairs section but requires a lot of practice as it is a new subject for the students. Therefore, in the second month, the students should study the Current Affairs and Legal aptitude section in detail.

    3rd Month: Start with the Quantitative Analysis (Maths) and Logical Reasoning sections

    The Quantitative Analysis (Maths) section contains the least number of questions in the exam and hence, is easy as the questions are based on the level of 12th-grade maths. Additionally, the logical reasoning section is also easy and can be completed within 1 month. Both of the sections are easy to prepare and can be prepared in detail in less than a month.

    4th Month: Start with the English Language section and keep practising the Current Affairs and Legal Aptitude

    In the 4th month, the students are advised to complete the English language section as it is very easy and the English language section generally contains concepts like synonyms, one-word substitutions, comprehension passages, etc.

    5th Month: Start with the revision of the topics and concepts

    When the 5th month starts, the students should start with the revision of all the subjects and concepts. They should study all the concepts in brief again so that if the students have any doubts, they can clear the same. Additionally, it will help them to gain proper knowledge and practice of the concepts and score good marks in the exam.

    6th Month: Start with attempting different mock tests and worksheets

    At the start of the 6th month, the students should start attempting the mock tests and worksheets based on every concept. It helps them to know the type of questions and therefore, it helps them to eliminate the fear of attempting the question paper.

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