Murano Software at Microsoft SharePoint 2020 Social Fest


    Murano Software at Microsoft SharePoint 2020 Social Fest

    Murano Software is becoming a permanent participant in the Microsoft Incubation Week events. Last week (Jan 25-29), our company participated as a development partner in Microsoft SharePoint 2020 Social Fest at Microsofts Silicon Valley campus. We provided seven top Microsoft BizSpark startups with outsource development support, SharePoint expertise and advice for it development company. Just as it was during other Microsoft Incubation Weeks, the mission of our team, led by Dimitri Nikouline, this year was to create working solutions for our clients in the shortest terms of the event. Our developers and startup representatives were working day and night, in a warm and competitive atmosphere, being eager to try the new features and implement their ideas.

    This was even more challenging, since the products - Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SharePoint - are Betas now, and there was no strong knowledge base, except samples in Microsoft blogs and related Internet resources. But our company, always being on the cutting edge of the software application development technologies, successfully defeated all of these challenges. In addition to the true interest in the newest technologies and software development passion, we got through these challenges because of intensive communication and team spirit. Working with the different startup clients, we established a single workspace for all involved to resolve issues faster and exchange tips, ideas, and links.

    Although these startups work in different areas of business intelligence and communications, they all are looking forward to the integration with SharePoint as an opportunity to upgrade their working and beneficial products to the enterprise-level applications. This wide range of interests resulted in a large variety of integration tasks successfully resolved by our guys during that week, from the ui/ux design widgets customization to search, synchronization and user profile management.


    The winning project, Huddle, is helping businesses across the world to work online in a common workspace, share and edit the documents, involving the external users in their workflows. Our guys did a great job using Silverlight and SharePoint features, customizing the UI and the back-end logic by means of timer jobs.

    Calinda Software

    Calinda Software, the second winner with their MindUp product, are focused on making e-mail communications structured and easy, so no attachment gets lost, and the history of sent and received messages can be seen on a visual map. With SharePoint, the e-mail environment transparently becomes integrated with document libraries and lists in MOSS. Our commitment to their success was a service, allowing users to search for people with specific skills and give the relevancy estimates for these search results.


    Confer is a company that offers a microblogging Web application to simplify communications between employees of a big company. In order to extend its functionality on the enterprise SharePoint installation, we worked together on mechanisms to map Confer's users to SharePoint users.

    Cortex Intelligence

    Cortex Intelligence provides a market intelligence service for Microsoft SharePoint users, letting them access external data, such as market data, news and so on. During the event, our guys worked on integrating the microblog functionality of SharePoint with external data providers, allowing them to post blog articles and put links to external articles into the user's microblog.

    Leverage Software

    LeverageSoftware's DesignSpace platform transforms sets of e-mail threads into a social workspace that the users can share with other colleagues in their company. We helped them to integrate with the people search functionality of SharePoint.


    Liaise allows SharePoint users to transparently update their SharePoint items (tasks, lists and so on) with the information parsed from the e-mail messages they send, save attachments in document libraries and so on. We made a prototype solution, putting task summary information in the calendar, automatically updating any change to the task list.


    Loqu8 Prelude is a tool thats integrated into Microsoft applications (Office, Media Player, Control Panel, etc.), showing users contextually relevant information when they are hovering a word. During Microsoft Incubation Week, we worked on the integration of their tool with SharePoints platform.

    Rich Cloud Application is released!

    We are proud to announce the release of the Rich Cloud Application (RCA) that Microsoft hired us to develop for showcasing Azure and Silverlight. This application is a proof-of-concept, simple product support and feedback system that provides these features:

    1. Issue-tracking system that supports attachments and hierarchical user comments

    2. Peer-to-peer messaging for user collaboration

    3. 5-star rating system for user comments and point rating system for issues and users

    4. Item search, both in-place and with external providers, such as Microsoft FixI

    5. User profile management and usage statistics

    The application provides a great set of best practices for building scalable Windows Azure applications with rich Silverlight UI. It shows how to implement MVVM in Silverlight, work with Azure Storage from Silverlight just like any WCF data source, and use Live ID authentication with Silverlight and Windows Azure.

    Let me remind you that the application uses Azure Storage. It is a fast and scalable non-relational storage that has a lot of advantages, but also imposes a set of limitations. For instance, you can't get a number of entities in a table or perform a wildcard search. And we are going to write a series of blog posts where we will describe how to get around these limitations. If you don't want to wait, I have good news for you :) The full source code is available for download at MSDN Code Gallery under MS-PL license. Thus you can reuse these components in your applications!

    And one more piece of good news: Our team is working on a new version of the application. The new version will be finished in the middle of March and will provide SQL Azure support and include a lot of nice features made possible with release of Silverlight, such as printing it support services, integration with a microphone and a webcam, and UDP multicast to peer-to-peer collaboration.

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