Laws and regulations that protect emotional support animal


    Laws and regulations that protect emotional support animal

    Western society is characterized by independent living and individualism. People generally need companionship as emotional support in life. Emotional support animals are a sigh of relief for many Americans in this regard. They are big support for people going through emotional and psychological distress. People going through the tough phase of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or stress often need such animals.

    What differentiates pets from emotional support animals are the underlying perks and privileges. Pets are kept just for entertainment or general companionship. However, an Emotional Support Dog and other emotional support animals are kept to provide emotional support to the owner. Certain federal laws ensure special rights for such animals and their owners.

    There is a legal relaxation regarding residential access. For instance, an emotional support dog letter exempts you from paying the rent of your emotional support animal. These exemptions are necessary considering the mental health issues the owner is going through. It is pertinent to mention here that some laws and regulations protect emotional support animals. These would be explored and discussed at length.

    The Rehabilitation Act of 1973

    This act explicitly states that people with disabilities will not be subjected to any kind of discrimination. In addition, they would receive federal financial assistance. Thus, physically or mentally challenged people would be exempted from paying accommodation fees for their pets. In this way, this act makes disabled people’s life easy by giving a financial waiver on their pet’s accommodation.

    This law recognizes the fact that the lives of disabled people are not ordinary. They face financial issues and need support in their daily activities. A financial waiver on pets ensures that the disabled can keep their emotional support animals for both physical and emotional support. If this facility is denied to them, they would find it extremely hard to carry on with their lives.

    Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act

    This act adds further strength to the above-mentioned law. It states that no disabled person can be deprived of housing due to their emotional support animal. Even those housing societies that have strict rules against pets are legally bound to make adjustments for emotional support animals. This law applies to both public and private housing.

    However, if there is damage caused to other tenants due to pets, this law will not cover that. This means that the owner is solely responsible for the care and behavior of the pet. It is quite admirable that people with disabilities have been granted legal concessions in terms of emotional support animals. It is a hallmark of great societies that they care for physically and mentally tested people.

    US Department of Housing and Urban Development

    This institution makes it compulsory for public universities to accommodate emotional support animals within the hostels. Moreover, the pet fee will not be charged if the students possess an Emotional Support Cat. In this way, students can have emotional support from pets during their educational careers.

    The Air Carrier Access Act

    This act ensures that airlines do not turn away individuals with emotional support animals. However, since January 2021, this is no longer the case. Now only service dogs are allowed on the airlines. The ESAs do not have the same privilege. Some airlines make concessions on their own to allow ESAs. Some allow ESAs but also charge a fee. So, in terms of ESAs, this law has left the decisions in airline management’s hands.

    I believe this modification is quite detrimental to people with emotional and mental difficulties. There should be no restrictions on ESAs’ travel on the flight. It is strongly recommended that this modification be revoked.

    How to Get your ESA?

    If you feel that your emotional or physical difficulties necessitate the companionship of a pet, then you should start doing some research. You should check out licensed professionals who are authorized to grant ESA letters. Without ESA letters, you cannot have all the rights related to ESAs. You must get diagnosed with your mental illness. After that, your therapist would grant you an ESA letter.

    Some people fall prey to online scams and fraudulent activities. Fake emotional support dog letter are sold online for a lower price and people are tempted to buy them. It is stressed that there is a legal procedure and proper way of everything. Without getting yourself diagnosed, you cannot get your ESA letter. However, if you are already going through therapy, then you can request your therapist to give you a letter. But make sure that the therapist or the relevant professional is licensed.


    Some people are not even eligible to have an ESA. They possess a pet but they want all the perks and privileges associated with ESA. Such people exercise fraudulent and illegal means to attain ESA letters. By doing so, they create many difficulties for people who actually deserve ESAs. Therefore, it is advised that such illegal practices be curbed. The state authorities have been quite successful in countering such illicit acts. But people are still stubborn in the pursuit of unfair means to achieve their goals.

    Online platforms have provided more tools for people to have fake ESA letters. There should be an efficient regulatory framework to monitor and supervise everything related to ESAs. People should also collaborate with authorities in ensuring that the rights and privileges of ESAs are secured. In addition, it should be ensured that these rights are given only to mentally and physically handicapped people who deserve emotional support.

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