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This collection of browsable web archive collections includes complex web content collected by the NSCAD University Library using the webrecorder tool and platform. To find web archived official COVID-19 communications of the University, and web archived news about the NSCAD community please see our Internet Archive Wayback Machine collection. This can be viewed at https://archive.org/details/@nscadlibrary?tab=web-archive.

If you are looking for the NSCAD website please see https://nscad.ca/

NSCAD's Conifer collections include two types of content:

  • Theses projects of NSCAD University graduate students submitted to the NSCAD Library as websites.

  • NSCAD COVID-19 web archive collections that document the web presence of NSCAD during the pandemic. This site contains captured websites documenting primarily student exhibitions produced online during COVID-19, and other online NSCAD exhibitions that require a web archiving tool that can capture dynamic elements to properly restage the site as it would have been originally interacted with.

*Note: Theses files generated by the NSCAD University Library using webrecorder are deposited once complete in NSCAD's institutional repository at https://nscad.cairnrepo.org/islandora/object/nscad%3A4440

*Note: COVID-19 pandemic collections are being added and updated frequently. Theses documents are added as they are submitted to the library for web archiving.

If you have questions please contact Lelland Reed, Collections and Systems Librarian - NSCAD University Library at lreed@nscad.ca

  • Carrie Allison. Rivers and Waterways, 2018. MFA Thesis

    miskâsown is a Cree word meaning seeking knowledge from within. I came across this word in Margaret Kovach’s Indigenous Methodologies. Kovach states, “The term researcher preparation describes the experiential aspect of the research....

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    Created over a year ago
  • For The Love of Sandra Alfoldy, 2020-2021

    "This online showcase celebrates the vibrant life and work of preeminent Canadian Craft Historian Dr. Sandra Alfoldy. Sandra’s research pioneered the discourse around Canadian studio craft, her curatorial work presented craft in a new and critical light, and her teaching inspired a committed passion for craft in a generation of students....

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    Created over a year ago
  • Kayza Degraff-Ford. Apocalypse NSCAD. 2020/2021

    This web archive exhibition was created as part of the NSCAD Library COVID-19 web archiving project between the summer of 2020 and winter 2021. Usage Note: Any outlinks that direct to live websites (like Conifer, Archive.org, etc) can't be archived in Conifer, but will be available in the descriptions of each list....

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    Created over a year ago
  • NSCAD COVID-19 Web Archive / "Weight/Wait" 2021 Radical Boredom Group Exhibition

    "This virtual art experience is a collection of material and immaterial explorations into notions of gravity and inertia- unseen connections in space and time, acting on what is and what is felt. Through a variety of digital media, performance, and documented objects, we attempt to express the impermanence of our digital present."

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    Created over a year ago
  • NSCAD Covid-19 Web Archive / 2020 NSCAD Graduate Showcase Online Catalogue

    "The annual NSCAD Graduation Exhibition is the largest presentation of undergraduate and graduate work at the University at one time. Every year, the gallery selects a curatorial intern to coordinate this display of the diverse talent of our amazing graduating students." This online showcase was originally presented by the Anna Leonowens Gallery

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    Created over a year ago
  • NSCAD COVID-19 Web Archive/ 2020 Media Showcase

    "The NSCAD Media Arts Division is honoured to present the 2020 showcase of: Art Now, Expanded Media, Language Into Art, Film 2, Film 4, Moving Image 1, Moving Image 2, Advanced Photography Critique, Forensic Fictions, Intro Photography, Expanded Media Studio, Intermediate Animation, and Media Toolbox."

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    Created over a year ago
  • NSCAD COVID-19 Web Archive/ Confluence: An Interdisciplinary Design Show (2020)

    "We welcome you to Confluence! A unique digital experience that will show you our best design work as a celebration of graduating from the NSCAD Interdisciplinary Design program. Confluence to us means the merging of ideas and disciplines, precisely what the Interdisciplinary Design program does for its students....

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    Created over a year ago
  • NSCAD COVID-19 Web Archive/ MAED Blog - Partial Anecdotes - Spring 2020 Showcase

    "Partial Anecdotes is in essence a celebration of research and art education practices. Research is becoming less accessible as time goes by. Journals are locked behind expensive subscriptions, and obtaining access can be a time consuming and difficult process....

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    Created over a year ago
  • NSCAD COVID-19 Web Archive/ The Unbearable Lightness: 2020 Master of Design Graduate Exhibition

    "In these nine projects designed in the studio workshop class, we [The 2020 First Year MDes Students of NSCAD] used speculative design as a concept to unsettle society and reject the unbearable lightness of plastic and the harm it does to the environment. We explored ideas such as whether people will be valued by their carbon footprint in the future, will plastic become parts of human body, and asked if a pill can treat the planet. Here, we started with "What if …” to explore not what the world should be, but what the world could be....

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    Created over a year ago
  • Sage Sidley. Proximity, 2020. MFA Thesis

    Proximity is an MFA Thesis exhibition created by Sage Sidley to examine all aspects of their art practice and ruminate on their art making. It contains written dissections of drawing, surviellance, technology, insects, and other common themes within their artworks.

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    Created over a year ago
  • Various Artists. Unpunctuated, 2021. MFA

    Unpunctuated is a NSCAD MFA Group Show originally published online for display between January 19th 2021 and February 11th 2021. Featuring various artists, it "represents a diversity of practices and content during a time that leaves process and expectations open ended, not unfinished but ongoing."

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    Created over a year ago