Differences between Argumentative and Synthesis Essays


    Differences between Argumentative and Synthesis Essays

    Writing an essay is one of the major tasks all college students need to master in order to get reasonable prices. Essays have a variety of types, each with its own purpose and structure. Many students end up getting confused between different essay formats and structures. Two of the most commonly mixed essay types are synthesis and argumentative essays.

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    In an argumentative essay, the essay writer researches the topic to write essay. After reading from various resources the writer forms his/her opinion, this opinion is presented in the thesis statement as the main argument. Then throughout the essay, the writer provides supporting arguments and pieces of evidence from reliable sources that support the thesis statement.

    A good argumentative essay even presents the opposing argument and proves how his argument is superior then the opposing one with the help of evidence. The pieces of evidence used to support arguments are from credible, authentic, and reliable resources. These resources are found by the writer himself,  even if he may or may not have read them earlier.

    A synthesis essay, however, is completely different from an argumentative essay. The resources used in this form of essay are predetermined by professors and are allotted to the essay writer along with essay writing guidelines. The writer does not have to write an essay for me.

    The main task of such essays is to carefully read the sources provided and analyze them. The information, in this case, is synthesized from these available resources rather than being searched from other resources.

    This essay type tests the understanding of the student, how well he can comprehend the information offered by some author and present them in his own words. The argumentative essay, on the other hand, tests the researching abilities and persuading capabilities of a student. Students, even those who take help from the professional writing assistance must know this difference. Some of these differences are given below:


    The goal of writing this essay is to present various viewpoints and inform readers about the content of the designated sources. Whereas the purpose of an argumentative essay is the assert and defend an argument on a certain topic.

    Use of sources

    Hence the main difference between synthesis and an argumentative essay is of sources used to gather and present information.

    In the former, the sources are predetermined. All the information must be taken from these sources.

    Whereas in the latter, the skilled writers depending upon there  ideas searche for the relevant reliable sources and uses them within his essay.


    The other main difference between synthesis and an argumentative essay is the opinions presented. The synthesis one is not opinionated. While in the reliable essay writing service  the writer is just supposed to present information from allocated resources. There must be no opinion or bias of the writer involved. Neither agreement nor disagreement is required from the writer on the points presented no matter how controversial the topic is.

    The argumentative essay on the other hand Is highly opinionated as the name suggests. The writer forms an opinion about the topic after conducting extensive research before writing the essay.

    This opinion is presented in the form of a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph of the essay. The remaining whole of the essay is written to validate the opinion or argument presented in the thesis statement.


    The conclusion of this essay is a neutral one that simply depicts the ideas presented in the particular sources.

    The conclusion of the argumentative essay emphasizes the thesis statement. Here EssayWriterNow tries to persuade the reader to believe in his perspective or the opinion.

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