10 persuasive essay topic ideas on religion and culture


    10 persuasive essay topic ideas on religion and culture

    A persuasive essay is a type of essay in which the writer presents a logical argument about a topic. In this type of essay, a writer takes a stance on any specific issue or topic, whether it is for or against the issue. The persuasive essay aims to convince the readers of your stand. The main part of the essay consists of such content which is debatable and can easily be discussed. If you have selected such a main idea that has only one side, this essay will not be considered as persuasive one. All arguments discussed in the essay should be supported by facts and evidence.

    Many online websites and professional essay writer offer ‘write my essay’ services to the students. It is not tough to write a persuasive essay if you know its writing techniques. The most challenging and confusing part of the persuasive essay is to select a topic for it. Students should select such a topic in which they have interest and knowledge to write about. Your interest and knowledge about the essay increase the persuasion and it becomes easy to convince the audiences of your points. Some of the tips for selecting persuasive topic are:

    Common Pitfalls

    While selecting persuasive essay topics, do not overthink whether a expert essay writer or audiences would like them or not. Overthinking deteriorates the topic and does not let you select the topic wisely. The persuasive topic doesn't need to be politically right, it could be controversial as well. It is not necessary to play safely while selecting a topic for the essay.

    Passionate About

    Write on such a topic about which you are passionate. Everyone has a particular passion for something, use it as your advantage. Think about the elements of passion and incorporate them into the essay. Curiosity plays a significant role in the selection of a good topic to write a high notch essay.


    Brainstorming is very crucial for the selection of the topic and the generation of ideas. Brainstorming can result in the development of plenty of ideas about the topic.

    Current Problem

    Visit different websites to read about current affairs. These will provide you with plenty of current ideas to develop a high notch essay. Social media can be used for this purpose. All current issues revolve around social media which makes it easy for the students to get new ideas for an essay.

    Be Specific

    Vague and broad topics require more details and explanation. So be specific in selecting a topic as it will allow you to provide specific details and information.

    Write it down

    Sometimes we think of a number of ideas about the persuasive essay but forget after some time. Whenever you find anything interesting about your topic write it down on paper. It will remind you of the ideas and topics which have been thought of.

    Persuasive essay topics about religion and culture suggested by free essay writer are as follows:

    1. In the 21st century, is atheism considered to be a problem?
    2. In the modern world, is it important to have a religious affiliation?
    3. Should abortion be considered a personal decision or a deadly sin?
    4. What are Christians views regarding same-sex marriage?
    5. Why do people decide to change their religion?
    6. What has the civil rights movement of the 1960s had an impact on the black culture?
    7. In popular culture, sexism and racism are so pervasive?
    8. How does the role of the media and Hollywood impact the culture of America?
    9. Why does cultural shock occur?
    10. How cultures impact personal identity?

    If any student asks essay writer to write paper for me on topics related to religion or culture, the above-mentioned topics can be used for this purpose.

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