Best Strategies Chinese Students Can Get Help Learning English


    Best Strategies Chinese Students Can Get Help Learning English

    Best Ways Chinese Students Can Get Help Learning English

    Most students aim to study abroad. For example, many Chinese students prefer going to the US for higher education. But because of the language barrier, they might face problems in communication. This article will shine light upon ways Chinese students can get help learning English.

    Try The Apps

    Most students who want to learn English join academies to take extra classes. But the truth is, tuition won’t help you get anywhere. It’s a costly method and takes too much time. The world is moving towards a technological age. Studying in a physical classroom is getting obsolete. The best technique to learn English is to use mobile phone apps. Multiple apps are free of cost, and they might help you get a better grip on the English language.

    You can go on your phone and download the best English Learning App. These apps help you customize your native language and develop exciting activities that can make your learning process a lot easier. Your phone plays a vital role in improving your language skills. First of all, most students always carry their phones. This means that you can learn English anytime you want. Just open the app, and get to work. Using apps is also cost-effective. You don’t have to pay a single cent as they are free. It is worth noting that the cost of the commute for a tuition center is also eliminated. Make the most of your time, and learn English from the comfort of your home. Apart from apps, there are various online websites like that might help you get on track. Electronic learning is becoming the new norm after the Covid-19 pandemic. Why spend hundreds of dollars getting the same education you can get free of cost. Some added benefits of using apps are:

    • Flexibility And Self Paced learning
    • Time Management
    • Sense of Responsibility
    • Improved Online Communication Skills
    • Lower Cost

    Watch Youtube Videos

    Youtube is the biggest platform for online learning. Chinese learning English can benefit a great deal from watching videos. These videos are step-by-step instructions that show how to master the English language. They help a student gain a thorough understanding of the English language. Numerous online tutorials help you polish your grammar and punctuation skills. You can further repeat various activity tutorials to enhance your command over the subject. Watching youtube videos mainly focuses on improving your listening skills.

    When you keep on listening to tricky words, you will understand the structure of sentence formation. When you sit to write a college assignment, the thought will flow smoothly, and you will have a set of vocabulary to choose appropriate words and come up with an outstanding article. Additionally, watching a fun movie in the English language will further broaden your perspectives. If you feel that you will not understand English movies, you need not worry as the latest version of youtube also provides subtitles. You can put up a movie or documentary in Chinese along with English subtitles. This is a great way to learn English for Chinese speakers** **because it involves multiple senses, including hearing and sight.

    Seek aid from Technology

    They may be games as well as fun exercises that do not take long hours to complete. It is also not necessary to sit on the computer system to complete all levels. You can download a couple of applications on your phone as well. This will make it possible for you to practice the English language as time pass on a subway or even during college break times. These apps further are available in both android and ios systems, so you do not have to worry about not getting access to them. For instance, Hello English is an outstanding example of an android application in which users from all around the world with a variety of native languages can learn English.

    Fun Dubbing is another cool application that provides young Chinese students with access to learning English without stressing them. It is smart and easy to use and has user-friendly interphase, which means that adults and college students can also use this application. It is a voice-over app that lets you mimic your favorite Hollywood movies and the trending stuff like viral videos. It is available on both android and ios, which is the icing on the cake.

    Improve your reading skills

    Reading and writing a closely related, and if you work on one, the other improves automatically. Chinese students who do not even know the English language basics can start learning by acquiring elementary English books. Once you start understanding them, you can re-read them multiple times as a fun activity. In this way, English key words will stay in your mind, and it will be easier to relate to them when you see someone conversing in the language.

    Many Chinese learn English using this strategy because you can increase the level by reading more challenging books every time. By the time you are in a position to read novels with vast vocabulary like the Harry Potter series, you will find it easy to interact in English with other students. not only that, but you will also see a boost in your academic grades, which further shows the close interaction of reading with writing. So you can start with reading easy books like Diary of a Whimpy Kid and work your way up to grasp and read various documentaries and researches. It is only a matter of time and dedication before becoming as fluent in English as any other native student.

    Watch movies in English

    One of the smartest ways to improve your English skills is to listen to the language as much as possible. This includes watching the news on English channels, movies in English or English subtitles, and even conversing in English with friends. When you wake up in the morning, your mind is fresh and open to any information you put in it. Reading an English newspaper with morning tea will not only keep you up to date with the current information, but you will also learn a couple of words every day that were previously foreign to you. Putting up a movie in English is an excellent way to relax and learn the language simultaneously. You can watch your favorite genre and learn new vocabulary with every new movie.

    Learning English may be challenging, especially for Chinese students, but it is vital to remove this language barrier. Only then will we be able to exploit the full potential of students. This does boost not only confidence but also increase their chances of success by a significant percentage.

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