10 hacks to Format a College Application Essay in minutes


    10 hacks to Format a College Application Essay in minutes

    A college application plays a pivotal role in determining whether a student will be able to get admission to a university or not. In most cases, universities accept or reject students' admission requests solely based on the admission essays. A student may spend days searching about the topic and writing an essay but the admission of the university will take a few minutes to determine the fate of an aspirant. Before you start writing, you should consult write my essay online to get an idea.

    Joining university after school is a wonderful experience in the life of every student. If you have filled the application forms and fulfilled every condition to take admission to a university, the next probably will be to impress the admission office with your statement where you will articulate the reasons why you want to join the university and your objectives for higher education in almost 500 words.

    If you not a good writer you can take help from an expert essay writer to write your admission essay. Taking help is not bad as it can enable you to produce an excellent paper. Not every student is good at writing therefore, asking someone to for help to get an understanding about  writing a college admission essay is even recommended by universities as well. 

    Following are some hacks to format a college admission essay within a short time.

    1-      Read the instructions carefully

    Every university has its criteria and format for admission essays. So, before you start writing, read the university instruction carefully and follow them accordingly.

    2-      Divide the essay into three parts

    Every essay has three distinguished parts as an introduction, main body, and a concluding paragraph at the end of the paper. So, follow this structure for your essay.

    3-      Use simple words

       Try to express not to impress the university admission office. A paper full of verbosity may not bring desired results as compared to a paper that is expressive and uses simple words. So, try to express your thoughts in plain words.

    4-      Use short sentences

    Do not use complex sentences in your application essay s you may end in grammatical errors. To avoid glitches and syntactical errors in your essay, use short sentences.

    5-      Use active voice

    Another thing to keep in mind while writing your college application essay is to use active voice. The active voice keeps writing smooth and in a flow. So, avoid passive voices as much you.

    6-      Organize your thoughts

    Before you write your essay, organize your thoughts and do some mind mapping. Organization of thoughts is essential for writing a good essay. If your points are not presented in an organized manner, your reader may not get the main idea of your essay and thus, downgrade your essay. So, make an outline on paper or in mind before writing.

    However, in case. You fail to find a suitable person, consulting essay writing service is a good option. These services provide well-written samples of admission essays and you can get an idea before you write your own. Generally, a college admission essay comprises 500 words and follows the ordinary essay structure including an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, students often find it difficult to format their essays in a standard manner.

    7-      Stay focused

    Once you have done brainstorming, mind mapping, and organized your thoughts, stay focused and proceed with the essay as planned.  

    8-      Be yourself, present your original thoughts

    Use your inner voice and write what you want to write in your essay. Bring out your original thoughts instead of borrowing someone else’s thoughts.

    9-      Do some research before writing

    You should do some prior research about the topic. It can give you an insight and help you articulate your thoughts.

    10-  Proofread your essay at least twice

    After completing your work, it is highly recommended that you proofread it at least twice. Proofreading can improve your essay by purging out mistakes and sentence structure problems.

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