Article Writing - Definitive Guide


    Article Writing - Definitive Guide

    High school and college students have to write a lot of essays and other papers in their academic years. Writing academic essays means coming up with a coherent set of ideas that develops into a solid argument.

    Sitting down to prepare an essay can be a very daunting task at any academic level. Coming up with an effective piece of writing requires a strong combination of planning, research, analysis, writing, and revising.


    An essay writing is based on original research, analysis, and interpretation from the author. It can be a bit of an overwhelming task to start with. That’s why here is a step by step guide of the preparation stage of an essay that you can follow.

    Understanding the Assignment

    To complete an essay successfully, a student needs to gain a thorough understanding of the topic, requirements, and assignment instructions. Here are some tips that can help:

    • Read it a number of times and look for anything confusing that you might need to clarify with your instructor.
    • Identify the purpose of your assignment, length specification, required format, and the method of submission.

    Choose a Topic

    There are several ways to come up with an idea for your essay. Whether you prefer to brainstorm ideas or talking help from your professor on how to decide on a topic.

    You can also try freewriting to choose a topic for your essay. It involves taking a broad topic idea and writing on it until you identify anything relevant that could be interesting.

    Once you have decided on the main idea, narrow it down and select the topic that is:

    • Interesting
    • Original
    • Possible to research
    • Fulfills your assignment requirements

    Conduct Initial Research

    After deciding on the topic, conduct initial research. For this purpose, you can use different sources which include hooks, journals, and reliable websites. In this way, you will not miss any important information that might be helpful to establish your point.

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