Research Paper Writing Guide


    Research Paper Writing Guide

    Research Paper Definition

    A research paper is an expanded essay that contains a detailed analysis and interpretation of the argument. It also involves an in-depth survey of a field of knowledge for finding the best possible information.

    A research paper can be defined as a type of academic writing that is usually done as a class assignment. Similarly, it requires the writer to conduct independent research and writing on a topic in a scientific manner.

    Types of Research

    Below are the two main types of research.

    • Qualitative research
    • Quantitative research

    A good research paper must follow a proper structure and format. The first important step in the writing process is to start your paper perfectly.

    To start a research paper, follow the below steps.

    1. Read the guidelines to start early
    2. Brainstorm to choose a research paper topic
    3. Conduct research and find relevant material
    4. Organize your research and prepare an outline
    5. Create a strong thesis statement
    6. Start from the main body

    It is important to know about the steps involved in starting and writing the research paper. It will be a big help in your writing process. Continue reading to learn more about successful techniques to make this process as effective as possible.

    To write a research paper, follow the steps given below.

    Understand the Paper Requirements

    The first step requires a proper and thorough understanding of the assigned topic and research paper structure. It will help you complete the assignment successfully and easily by following all the requirements.

    Below are the tips to develop your understanding of the research paper:

    • Read the instructions carefully. If you find something confusing, clarify it with your professor right away.
    • Understand the main purpose of the research paper. It may include informing people or encouraging them to take a certain course of action.
    • Also, identify the deadline, word count, submission method, and formatting style.
    • Make a list of the key points that you need to cover.
    • Consider the timeframe to start, write, and edit your research paper.

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