How to Write a Novel in 15 Steps


    How to Write a Novel in 15 Steps

    _This collection does_This post will break up the 15 major steps of writing a novel into bite-sized pieces, organized in three categories — before, during, and after you write your manuscript. Those steps are as follows:

    If you’re struggling with coming up with even the seed of an idea, don’t fret. There is literally an endless supply of novel topics out there, and you can start perusing hundreds of them in our list of 300+ writing prompts, our directory of 200+ short story ideas, or even our plot generator.

    You know how when gossip moves through the grapevine, it tends to stray further and further from the truth as it passes from person to person? This is because any time a person tells a story, they inevitably add their own unique biases, thoughts, and perspectives. For this reason, choosing the point of view your novel will be told from is an extremely important step in starting your Urdu novels and will have a huge impact on the actual story itself.

    Here are the different POVs you might want to consider:

    • First Person: the story is told from the perspective of the writer or fictional narrator. The main pronoun used is “I.” Learn more here.
    • Second Person: the reader is addressed directly, and asks them to put themselves in the shoes of a character. The main pronoun used is “you.” Learn more here.
    • Third Person Limited: the narrator only has insight into the thoughts and feelings of a single character at a time. The pronouns associated with this POV are: he, his, him, she, hers, her, they, theirs, and them. Learn more here.
    • Third Person Omniscient: the narrator is all-knowing and can reveal anything that is happening to any character at any point in the story. The pronouns used are the same as for third person limited. Learn more here.

    How to Write a Novel:

    1. Nail down the story idea Read books in your genre Choose your novel’s point of view Establish the setting Develop your main characters Establish conflict and stakes Create an outline Choose your story structure Pick a writing software Write to market Establish a writing routine Consider literary devices and techniques Revise your story Work with beta readers Hire a professional editor

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