Tips on How to Start Snorkeling


    Tips on How to Start Snorkeling

    One of the first and simplest snorkeling tips is to ensure that your snorkel mask fits comfortably and isn’t pressing up under your nose or on the bridge of your nose between your eyes. The skirt of the mask should seal around your face with no gaps. Pulling the strap tighter to achieve this does not work in fact it is more likely to make the mask leak and be uncomfortable to wear. Your snorkel attaches to your mask and should be adjusted to fit comfortably in your mouth.

    If you are hiring a snorkel, check that the mouthpiece is not torn, as a damaged mouthpiece is uncomfortable and will make it harder to hold. You grip the mouthpiece lightly with your teeth and seal your lips around it.

    Relax and Enjoy, For obvious reasons, our brains don’t like the idea of breathing while we are face down in water! Feeling a little panicked at first is perfectly natural until you learn to trust your equipment. Like with all pursuits, confidence grows with experience while snorkeling. Find a rhythm for your breathing, move slowly and calmly as if you belong in that world, and remain a passive observer. Use these snorkeling tips to push through the nervousness, and you’ll soon be rewarded with a peek into a magical world filled with life, beauty, and drama.

    How does a Snorkel Work? It’s a question that is often asked. Basically, the snorkel works like a tube placed in the water with one end of it above the surface with the other end under the water surface and taken into your mouth. This allows you to breathe while your face is submerged and looking down into the water below.

    It’s a very simple principle that has developed over the years, with snorkels advancing in styles to make the sport of snorkeling a little more comfortable.

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