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Thesis or Dissertation: An Outline of the Writing Process

Theses or dissertations are usually written by students to get a professional qualification or a degree. Some people try to find examples of theses or dissertations, while others search for information on structure, format and topics for theses or dissertations.

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Strategy for Writing a Thesis or Dissertation

When you have some ideas, you can think about researches that can be conducted concerning these ideas. It can help you to develop a good topic for your thesis or dissertation.

Write down your ideas and base your suppositions and further arguments for your thesis or dissertation on these ideas. Try not to be influenced greatly by other people’s ideas in the course of conducting a research and developing ideas in your thesis or dissertation.

Conduct a research and share the results of your findings with others with the help of your thesis or dissertation. Remember that a dissertation proposal is a preliminary stage of writing a dissertation itself.

You should copy sections of your dissertation proposal into your dissertation paper in the course of writing your thesis or dissertation.

These are the basic steps of the strategy of writing dissertations. Moreover, it is necessary to discuss some additional issues important for a dissertation paper. You should insert visual aids into the paper. You can use hand-written tables or graphs in your drafts. When you use a table, you should insert it and explain the meaning of its information accordingly.

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