Amalia Ulman: Excellences & Perfections

  • Four personas


Amalia Ulman: Excellences & Perfections

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This collection illustrates how Ulman's Instagram performance was turned into a web archive.

During the performance, the artist used three different avatar images and bio information in her Instagram profile. For the preservation action, these persona were put in place on Instagram again, an the relevant parts of the account being recorded. The last avatar photo is empty, revealing that the activity was staged.

Click on an avatar photo to view an archive of the Instagram account with that persona being active:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

The collection consists of four recording sessions, each corresponding to the photos posted by each persona, plus one recording with common user Interface elements that Instagram uses ("heart" icons or button graphics).

The online exhibition version on Rhizome's Webenact server was modified to contain contemporaneous emoji, mute links that would allow to leave the artwork's boundary, and to not display items that have been posted before the performance started.