Matthew Pearson


This is the origin of the Google Chrome dinosaur

Google is celebrating its anniversary and the dinosaur you play with when your connection fails, we also tell you the origin of the game that has saved you from stressing more when Wi-Fi is not available

Google Chrome is one of the most used search engines in the world, and surely more than once you have run out of internet, causing the presence of the curious dinosaur that invites you to play with it to make the best use of the time in which it is restored your connection.

And in addition to celebrating Google's 10th anniversary, the company also celebrates four years of the dinosaur that has become a competition in leisure time.

According to statements by Sebastien Gabriel, designer of Chrome, "Dino Run" refers to the "prehistoric era", long before the times of the technological era in which Wi-Fi obviously did not exist, so he chose a T-Rex dinosaur.

Before releasing it worldwide, the programmers called it “Project Bolan”, as a tribute to Marc Bolan, the last vocalist of the 70s glam rock group “T-Rex”.

According to Edward Jung, Chrome engineer, "Dino Run" is played 270 million a month, and its appearance is more frequent in places where packets of data or broadband connection have more problems, such as India, Brazil, Indonesia and by of course, Mexico.

Have you played it recently? Now Dino wears a birthday hat, you know why.