How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?


    How Many Colleges Should I Apply To?

    There are three rules of thumb:

    • Safety:

    Apply to at least 4 “really-safe safety colleges” where your high school’s GPA and other test scores are significantly higher than the 75th percentiles of the college. You can easily find the percentile of the college from the data spreadsheet provided on the college’s website.

    Applying to the colleges where your scores appeared “write my essay”, you increase the chances to become one of their strongest applicants. and it might ensure your acceptance and you might get the merit scholarship as well.

    • Reach:

    The final rule is ‘Reach’. Apply to at least two or three colleges that are in your reach. Reach means you can easily afford the college and where the likelihood of admission is higher.

    Hence, if you are an academically qualified student, then it makes sense to apply to many more ‘Reach’ colleges. Especially those with low admission rates, they will result in affordable cost to you. Most of the time the cost of elite college comes out to be more affordable than a community college or state colleges.

    Always run the numbers.

    Targeted Colleges: The Reality

    It is important to understand that you won’t get admission to every college you apply. So, when you decide to apply to a college, you should keep in mind that you might get rejected by your targeted write essay for me.

    • It won’t happen to every student but it does happen. And it makes sense.
    • If a qualified candidate shows no interest, like;
    • Does not visit the college
    • Never open the emails from college
    • Does not follow the college on social media
    • Does not show up to the strongly recommended interview
    • Submit their application on the last moment after getting a last-minute mail
    • Haven’t filled the admission form properly, missed out some important information or any required field
    • Haven’t spent enough time on do my paper. Or forgot to proofread the essay.

    This will affect badly your application, you might be a qualified candidate, have good grades with a higher GPA, colleges are not going to accept you if you do not seem interested.

    These things will indicate that you are not interested and won’t attend college. Hence, it becomes clear that it is in the college’s best interest to use your application to decrease their acceptance rate, making their college rank higher by protecting their yield.

    Bottom Line

    Make sure you give a good impression to the college; you should not appear to be a candidate who has no interest in college. Mostly, colleges reject candidates if they seem uninterested, even if they are qualified. Because, wasting an acceptance on a candidate who is not going to attend the college, actually hurts the college.

    Hence, you need to make sure you don’t neglect your target colleges. Especially those who track the 5StarEssays interest.

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