What should I know before buying a house that has not been sold for a long time?


    What should I know before buying a house that has not been sold for a long time?

    You have probably already found the house you want to buy, but unexpectedly your decision has been questioned due to the fact that after a long period that house is not sold. We share a series of tips to buy an old house for sale

    During your search for options to acquire a home you probably came across a house or apartment that caught your attention, however, you learned that this home has gone a long time without being sold. This may be due to different factors, which is why we list recommendations that you should consider if you are going to buy an old house or that has gone a long time without being sold .

    What you should reason before buying a house that is not for sale

    • Consult with an expert
    • Thoroughly inspect the home for imperfections
    • Check the fine print
    • Try to chat with your potential new neighbors
    • Do your own research

    Consult with an expert

    The person who can give you a neutral and accurate verdict will be an expert in the real estate field. It is advisable to go to an architect or a real estate agent who is not involved in the sale process, since with their knowledge and experience you will be able to discover why that house is not sold as well as they will inform you if it is a good or bad investment.

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    Thoroughly inspect the home for imperfections

    If your budget or your schedule does not allow you to consult an expert, it is recommended that you go personally to inspect the house thoroughly. Remember that it is not good to be guided solely by the appearance of photos or videos that the seller or the agency has shown you of said home. It is important that you go to review minimal details, such as dimensions, lighting, damage and more, since being inside the property you can check in person if it is convenient for you to make the purchase.

    Check the fine print

    It is likely that if you are looking to buy an old house, it will not sell for a long time due to small legal details. Perhaps the price is somewhat high for the current conditions of the property. Even the lack of seriousness of the seller may be the reason why the said home has not been sold for a long time, probably the seller does not have enough documents to guarantee legal certainty to the new owner and this has frustrated more than one attempt to sale. An example could be irregularities regarding the deeds, payment of taxes or possession rights of the property

    Try to chat with your potential new neighbors

    The best opinion that you will be able to hear about the environment and true capital gain of your possible new home, are the people who live next to or near it. It is important that you talk with at least one neighbor in the area so that they can inform you about the quality of the public services that are provided in that area, also if floods occur in the rainy season, if the houses are hot and they can even inform you about safety and public transportation routes close to the neighborhood.

    Do your own research

    It is important to analyze your possible purchase with first-hand information, such as consulting an expert on the subject or talking with the residents of the area, however, if it is impossible for you to make both recommendations or you want to investigate thoroughly, another option than You can do to decide whether or not you will buy said property, is to investigate on the Internet about the environment of your home. While it is unlikely that you will find specific information about the home you are trying to buy, there is a chance that you will find information related to the neighborhood to which the home belongs. Perhaps the sale of this house has not materialized for a long time because it is an area with high rates of violence or in the rainy season it suffers from floods and it is almost impossible to travel on foot or by car.

    In the same way, you could find information regarding the construction company responsible for said homes, which perhaps were not built with the best quality of materials or there are irregularities related to the municipalization of the colony or subdivision and therefore do not have all the services public, which depreciates the value of the home and definitely decreases the interest in acquiring said home.

    After reading this article, we hope you found the tips for buying a home that hasn't been sold for a long time. If you are not sure about acquiring this property, remember that it will be a long-term investment, it is better to think about your decision and look for new options. Some of these options can be found on the Vivanuncios portal where the best catalog of houses and apartments for sale in any part of Mexico is available.

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