This collection includes a smattering of articles about the topic, selected ones either from mass media outlets like NPR, library-oriented ones like Hack Library School or the blog of the Internet Archive.

  1. Fear of coronavirus fuels racist sentiment targeting Asians - Los Angeles Times
  2. China's Art, From Museum Exhibits to Rock Concerts, Moves Online During Coronavirus Outbreak | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine
  3. Coronavirus: Precautionary treatment at Belfast hospital
  4. “Community Webs” Receives Additional Funding to Further Public Library Local History Web Collecting | Internet Archive Blogs
  5. School’s Out… Or Is It? | Internet Archive Blogs
  6. Sharing Courses not Viruses—Educational Innovators Respond to COVID-19 | Internet Archive Blogs
  7. 7 Things To Do If You Can’t Leave The House | Internet Archive Blogs
  8. How You and Your Kids Can De-Stress During… | PBS KIDS for Parents
  9. What Kids Want To Know About Coronavirus: An Original Comic : Goats and Soda : NPR
  10. Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource
  11. Coronavirus Anxiety: 4 Ways to Cope with Fear
  12. How To Do A Really Good Job Washing Your Hands : Goats and Soda : NPR
  13. Questions to Ask Venues About COVID-19 Offered by Best Meetings Inc.
  14. Facing Coronavirus as an Information Professional – Implications, Misconceptions, Degradations – HLS
  15. A Coronavirus FAQ: A Visual Guide to Your Most Pressing Questions about COVID-19 – The Visual Communication Guy: Designing Information to Engage, Educate, and Inspire People
  16. Why Weren't We Talking About This Back in January? – HLS
  17. A Mini Clearinghouse on Coronavirus, Created by Two School Librarians | School Library Journal
  18. Coronavirus Support: Teaching Resources for K-8 Online Learning
  19. A News– and Media Literacy–Themed Mixtape for Tough Times | School Library Journal
  20. Not Just Tech Support: Librarian Spotlights Social-Emotional Needs Among Remote Learning Resources | School Library Journal
  21. Kid Lit Authors Step Up To Help Educators, Students, and Parents | School Library Journal
  22. A Crisis—as in School Closures Due to Coronavirus—Justifies Fair Use, Say Librarians | School Library Journal
  23. Publishers Adapt Policies To Help Educators | School Library Journal
  24. Scholastic Temporarily Revises Policy for Online Read-Alouds | School Library Journal
  25. Penguin Random House OKs Online Storytime, Read-aloud Videos | School Library Journal
  26. Macmillan Updates Content Use Guidelines | School Library Journal
  27. HarperCollins Children's Books Outlines Online Reading Policy | School Library Journal
  28. Simon & Schuster Issues Its Online Reading Guidelines | School Library Journal
  29. How to shift your conference online in light of the coronavirus (opinion)
  30. Shifting unexpectedly to remote instruction requires as many human solutions as tech solutions (opinion)
  31. Higher ed institutions aren't supporting international students enough during the COVID-19 crisis (opinion)
  32. As coronavirus closures force colleges to move students online, ed-tech experts see opportunity -- but also risk
  33. Suddenly trying to teach humanities courses online?
  34. Students organize their own aid networks as campuses close for virus
  35. Colleges develop strategies for recruiting students without a campus visit
  36. Most teaching is going remote. Will that help or hurt online learning?
  37. COVID-19 disrupts international student exchange in both directions
  38. LIVE UPDATES: Latest news on coronavirus and higher education
  39. LIVE UPDATES: Latest news on coronavirus and higher education
  40. Coronavirus outbreak piles short-term costs and long-term uncertainty on college and university finances
  41. After Bowser Hits Back, Restaurant Group Now Says It Will Comply With Restrictions It Called 'Ridiculous' | DCist
  42. Mayor Bowser Orders D.C. Restaurants, Bars, Other Businesses To Shut Down | DCist
  43. Coronavirus Support: Teaching Resources for K-8 Online Learning
  44. A News– and Media Literacy–Themed Mixtape for Tough Times | School Library Journal
  45. Coronavirus Resource Guide | In Custodia Legis: Law Librarians of Congress
  46. Irish woman shares reality of Covid-19 after mother's death
  47. Maryland passed over 650 bills last week. Here are 8 you should know about. - The Diamondback
  48. UMD student groups reflect on abrupt cancellations brought on by coronavirus - The Diamondback
  49. Coronavirus exposes the tragedy of America’s lack of solidarity - The Diamondback
  50. How can UMD ensure that its coronavirus response is fair to students and employees? - The Diamondback
  51. Irish create 3D printed ventilators to fight COVID-19 pandemic |
  52. College Park rethinks census outreach plan as students leave the city - The Diamondback
  53. Keep yourself busy with a ~ quarantine playlist ~ - The Diamondback
  54. An Italian guide to quarantine for reluctant Terps - The Diamondback
  55. D.C., Maryland Call On Volunteers To Join Medical Reserves, Help With Drive-Through Testing | DCist
  56. Neighbors Have Been Hosting Stoop Sing-Alongs And Scavenger Hunts, All While Six Feet Apart | DCist
  57. Capitol Hill Books Is Offering Customers The Option To Buy A Mystery Bag of Books | DCist
  58. D.C. Could Get The Next 'Shelter-In-Place' Order. What Happens Then? | DCist
  59. D.C. And Maryland Aren't Yet Issuing Restrictive ‘Shelter-In-Place’ Orders | DCist
  60. Irish create 3D printed ventilators to fight COVID-19 pandemic |
  61. Coronavirus: Ireland shutdown measures extended to April 19
  62. Michael Dowling on fighting Coronavirus COVID-19 in New York
  63. WMATA closes 17 more stations, including College Park-UMD stop, as coronavirus spreads - The Diamondback
  64. On Productivity – HLS
  65. Forgiving student loan debt should be a priority during the coronavirus pandemic - The Diamondback
  66. Compassion and the Coronavirus: 4 Reasons to Let People Out of Detention | ACLU of Maryland
  67. Hogan issues “stay at home” order, violations punishable by jail time - The Diamondback
  68. President Higgins: "Give it a lash" in coronavirus fight
  69. 'It Is Devastating For Everyone': Official In D.C. Mayor's Administration Has Died Of COVID-19 | DCist
  70. Update: 30 U.S. States Shut Down And Counting: State-By-State Travel Restrictions
  71. WHO boss says he’s “proud” of Irish reaction to COVID-19
  72. Constructing the Outbreak | University of Massachusetts Press
  73. How Epidemics of the Past Changed the Way Americans Lived | History | Smithsonian Magazine
  74. The coronavirus crisis is the perfect time to shift power away from landlords - The Diamondback
  75. Preparing (quietly) for a fall semester without in-person instruction
  76. Stay-At-Home Stir Crazy? Library Crowdsourcing Projects Provide Productive Distraction at a Social Distance | Library Journal
  77. Libraries, Archives, and Museums Donate PPE to Healthcare Frontlines Combating COVID-19 | Library Journal
  78. Hackers ‘Without Conscience’ Target Health-Care Providers - Bloomberg
  79. Are quarantine concerts the future for the music industry? - The Diamondback
  80. Academics deserve financial and institutional security. Here’s what they need. - The Diamondback
  81. New York should prioritize pandemic safety over punishment. Incarceration is not the answer. - The Diamondback
  82. Zoom is a part of our daily lives, but is the company acting in our best interest? - The Diamondback
  83. Social distancing isn’t easy for people with anxiety disorders. But it can be better. - The Diamondback
  84. Coronavirus may be the thing that finally traps us in a surveillance state - The Diamondback
  85. Service workers are essential, so why have we spent so long insisting they aren’t? - The Diamondback
  86. We’re all adjusting to quarantine, so be empathetic - The Diamondback
  87. FAQ: Records Management During COVID-19 Pandemic – Records Express
  88. NEH CARES: Cultural Organizations | National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
  89. NCPTT | Covid-19 Basics: Disinfecting Cultural Resources
  90. COVID-19 Documentation Goes Viral! – The Academic Archivist
  91. Earth Day during COVID-19: Green Tips for Closed Museums – American Alliance of Museums
  92. 2020: The Book of Disappearance – Librarians and Archivists with Palestine
  93. Where and How to Submit FOIA Requests during COVID-19 | National Security Archive
  94. Stronger Together: A COVID-19 Webinar Series – Sites of Conscience
  95. Citizen Witnesses and Human Rights Video Archives | March 19, 2020 | SAA
  96. IMLS Research Partnership To Address Safety Guidelines for Library, Museum Materials | Library Journal