IRL’s mission is to empower a more diverse population of artists to use digital technology in their work, to create a dedicated space for public engagement with cutting-edge digital artworks, and to encourage artists to repurpose emerging and ubiquitous digital technologies in creative and unexpected ways.

  • Bianca Hockensmith

    November 2018 Digital Residency

    28.32 MB
    Created over a year ago
  • Elaine Adams

    January 2019 Welcome to my Homepage Resident

    66.01 MB
    Created over a year ago
  • Noah Travis Phillips

    Welcome to My Homepage Digital Residency June 219 ​

    391.33 MB
    Created 11 months ago
  • Sharing Turtle

    solving technological solutions

    46.65 MB
    Created over a year ago
  • 112.39 MB
    Created over a year ago