How to Write a Summary? - Complete Guide


    How to Write a Summary? - Complete Guide

    What Is Summary Writing?

    A summary is the condensed version of an original text. It is about identifying the most important text and restating it into your own words. If you know a subject, you will be able to summarize it. If you can not summarize a subject, it clearly means you have not learned it well.

    A great way to process information is to write a summary of the text that you have read. If you are writing a summary for your school, the best approach to this task is to review the piece a number of times that you are analyzing.

    If you are writing a summary for the first time, there are several questions that might stick to your mind such as:

    • How long should a summary be?
    • How to write a summary of an article?
    • How many sentences are in a summary?
    • What is one-page summary?
    • What is the sentence summary?
    • What should a summary include? Etc.

    Keep reading the blog until the end to know the answers to the above questions.

    Summary Writing Tips

    To come with a great summary, here are some important tips from experts that you can keep in mind.

    • The length of a summary can range from two sentences to even several pages. In any case, write complete sentences to describe the main points of the author.
    • To summarize the main argument of the author, use the present tense.
    • Do not include information that is not in the original text. Also do not include your own opinion or ideas.
    • It is important to refer to several source material especially, for research summaries. So, information can be considered to present and explain the main idea to a number of references discussing the same subject.
    • If you are using the author's original words, don't forget to put quotation marks to show that the quoted information does not belong to you.

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