Building an Olympic betting microsystem for Sweden's Svenska Spel


    Building an Olympic betting microsystem for Sweden's Svenska Spel

    Finally, the Winter Olympics are here. Svenska Spel, a Swedish bookmaker, has its own Olympic sports betting portal. For game operators, Spotlight Sports Group has created a new interactive Winter Olympics microsite. The purpose is to provide "independent previews," betting odds, and expert commentary to bettors.

    Microsites provide betting customers with local language alternatives. From setup and hosting to site and content management, Spotlight Sports manages the entire process.

    This year, betting on the Olympic Games is expected to be big business. The International Olympic Committee or the IOC is working around the clock to ensure that any possible match-fixing issues are avoided. We'll additionally support regional sports betting data platform support.

    There is still controversy over whether the two programs, which were put on hold in the aftermath of Corona 19 two years ago, should continue. Including the torch relay. Yao Ming, a former NBA basketball player from China, is one of those carrying the torch. In 2020, a Chinese soldier was killed and another was injured in a border conflict with India.

    Svenska Spel can use the website, which is available in Swedish, to arrange sponsorship for the Swedish Winter Olympic team and develop content destinations for its clients," said Spotlight Sports Group Account Director James Fitzpatrick.


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