stephen nachtigall


    stephen nachtigall

    Research has found that seven-out-of-10 people also feel they are losing touch with nature.

    Climate change and ecological catastrophe peeks at us through the cracks of our phone screens and whispers in our ears like the hum of a data center heat exchanger. While individual actions to reconcile the situation are statistical meaningless, perhaps a genuine symbolic effort does have an effect?

    Science has proven that some plants have a measured positive response to human touch. People say a lot that we are losing touch with “nature”. While the idea of a “nature” that needs our help might seem kind of quaint now, wouldn’t one of the steps to move towards such a goal be to generate a kind of empathy or intimacy to the natural world, even while we relentlessly become more entangled with technology?

    This project seeks to intentionally cultivate and spread moments of literal connection to the environment, taking inspiration from the endless stock images of hands wistfully caressing grass fields and plant fronds that have become an internet trope.

    As apps like Instagram increasingly become a mode of cultivating intimate communication in our social circles, why not willfully include an intimate interface with your ecological environment in this format? Just as we use technology to perform our identities online, this project seeks to enact and archive performative connections to ecology through digital means.

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