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    Peter Jenkins

    What is Sudoku and how to play it?

    I have long wanted to learn how to play Sudoku online. It always seemed to me that it is very difficult and not for everyone to master. I often saw people in transport, with magazines and pencils in their hands, who are counting something and writing numbers in the boxes.

    It is believed that Sudoku is a Japanese puzzle when in fact it is not. Sudoku has a Japanese name only. Su in Japanese means "number" and doku means "singular".

    The prototype of modern Sudoku was the Chinese puzzle "Magic Square", the essence of which was to put one number from 1 to 9 in a square of 3x3 cells in each cell so that the sum of the numbers in any column, row and diagonally equals 15.

    Free web Sudoku came to us in the form to which we are all accustomed after publication in the American Journal in 1979.

    Now about the game itself.

    Purpose of the game

    Fill in a 9x9 square with numbers so that in each row, in each line and in each block, the numbers from 1 to 9 are located without repetitions.

    How to play?

    You can play both Sudoku online, on the website, and by installing the appropriate application from the Appstore or Google Play.

    At the beginning of the game, a square appears, divided into 9 sections, which must be filled. Some of them have numbers already inscribed, depending on the degree of difficulty of the Sudoku.

    In each of the 9 sections, you need to arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 so that they do not repeat in columns and rows.

    Every day a new game appears, the degree of difficulty of which is determined at random.

    When passing the challenge - solving the daily puzzle, a reward appears in the form of an asterisk.

    When you pass the tests for the whole month, a cup appears.

    Cups are different every month and you can collect a whole collection.

    This is how I sometimes spend my free minute.

    If you have any questions, write them in the comments, also subscribe to the news. since this is not the only way to spend time usefully and have fun, but for those who have not yet mastered Sudoku, try it - it is really interesting!

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