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  1. COVID-19 Perspectives – Research on COVID-19 from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh
  2. University staff and students help distribute food to those in need, writes Stuart Tooley – COVID-19 Perspectives
  3. The Usher Institute organizes COVID-19 webinars to strengthen partnership, inform policy and bridge knowledge gaps, writes Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  4. A gun for the end of the world, by Joe Anderson – COVID-19 Perspectives
  5. Rethinking the house as a public health technology of preparedness, writes Imogen Bevan – COVID-19 Perspectives
  6. Kat Smith, Sudeepa Abeysinghe and Christina Boswell reflect on the impact of COVID-19 in SKAPE seminar, by Cleo Davies – COVID-19 Perspectives
  7. The NHS is a health system not a charity. It should be funded accordingly, writes Rebecca Richards – COVID-19 Perspectives
  8. Edinburgh Law School creates animations to discuss structural injustice, denaturalized natural disasters, epistemic injustice, and the nature of emergencies – COVID-19 Perspectives
  9. Covid-19 and the Black Asian Minority Ethnic Healthcare Workforce, by Radha Adhikari – COVID-19 Perspectives
  10. CAHSS funds nine innovative COVID-19 knowledge-exchange projects – COVID-19 Perspectives
  11. Next: The possible second wave, by Liz Stanley – COVID-19 Perspectives
  12. Changing consumption practices, by Lisa Howard – COVID-19 Perspectives
  13. Social media, blockchain, big data & co: How do we support women mediators in peace processes in a technology-driven world, writes Fiona Knäussel – COVID-19 Perspectives
  14. Scratching below the surface: what can local peace agreements tell us about armed groups and conflict fragmentation, writes Juline Beaujouan, Tim Epple, Robert Wilson and Laura Wise – COVID-19 Perspectives
  15. Syria: local agreements, regional rivalry and a global pandemic, by Juline Beaujouan and Eyas Ghreiz – COVID-19 Perspectives
  16. Responses by African intergovernmental organisations to COVID-19, by Kathryn Nash – COVID-19 Perspectives
  17. Responding to COVID-19: The coming of age of regionalism in Asia, asks Monalisa Adhikari – COVID-19 Perspectives
  18. Bangladesh’s information entrepreneurs rally against COVID-19, writes Julia Qermezi Huang – COVID-19 Perspectives
  19. Heat and COVID-19 in the off-grid city, by Nausheen Anwar, Sulfikar Amir, Jamie Cross, Daniel Friedrich, Aalok Khandekar, Marie Morelle, Elspeth Oppermann and Anindrya Nastiti – COVID-19 Perspectives
  20. A citizen science approach for supporting vulnerable populations during COVID-19 crisis, by Jessica Hafetz Mirman – COVID-19 Perspectives
  21. Care home study maps lockdown impact on families, says George Palattiyil – COVID-19 Perspectives