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  1. COVID-19 Perspectives – Page 2 – Research on COVID-19 from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh
  2. COVID-19 and health systems: responding to unpredictable predictability, by Liz Grant, Yina Lizeth Gracia-Lopez and Christine Bell – COVID-19 Perspectives
  3. What is a compassionate economy post-COVID-19, ask John Gillies, Liz Grant and Katherine Trebeck – COVID-19 Perspectives
  4. Post COVID-19 solidarity challenges the danger of returning to normal, writes Callum McGregor – COVID-19 Perspectives
  5. Experiences from past animal outbreaks help University of Edinburgh veterinarians adjust to COVID-19 working conditions, by Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  6. COVID-19 data must highlight intersectional marginalisation among BAME community, writes Ashlee Christoffersen  – COVID-19 Perspectives
  7. Social science COVID-19 research at Edinburgh supported by Scottish Funding Council-Global Challenges Research Fund, writes Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  8. Community-led responses to COVID-19 are a matter of urgency in Syria, write Lisa Boden, Ann-Christin Wagner, Shaher Abdullateef and Anas Al Kaddour – COVID-19 Perspectives
  9. How do we care about care homes, asks Niamh Woodier – COVID-19 Perspectives
  10. India’s informal economy, gender-based violence, and mental health challenges demand crucial inspection, write Nandini Sen, Anusua Singh Roy, Jayanta Bhattacharya, and Subrata Shankar Bagchi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  11. COVID-19 exposes the limits of debt-driven capitalism, writes Emilios Avgouleas – COVID-19 Perspectives
  12. The positive effects of COVID-19 and the social determinants of health: all in it together? By Sarah Hill, Sharon Friel and Jeff Collin – COVID-19 Perspectives
  13. Fake times and real life during the pandemic, by Angus Bancroft – COVID-19 Perspectives
  14. Shielding and exit from lockdown: medical anthropologist Ian Harper asks why he should stay at home? – COVID-19 Perspectives
  15. Homeschooling children with Additional Support Needs reveals the digital divide in Inclusive Digital Technologies, writes Paul Nisbet – COVID-19 Perspectives
  16. What the Spanish Flu can teach us about making face masks compulsory, writes Samuel Cohn – COVID-19 Perspectives
  17. University of Edinburgh launches the Digital Social Science Cluster to support social science research in times of the pandemic, write cluster leads Karen Gregory, Morgan Currie and Kate Miltner – COVID-19 Perspectives
  18. Local policing must adapt to cybercrime in the post-pandemic era, write Ben Collier, Shane Horgan, Richard Jones and Lynsay Shepherd – COVID-19 Perspectives
  19. South Africa’s gig drivers left alone at the wheel, writes Mohammad Amir Anwar – COVID-19 Perspectives
  20. How physicians used contact tracing 500 years ago to control the bubonic plague, by Samuel Cohn and Mona O’Brien – COVID-19 Perspectives
  21. Pandemics, COVID-19, and literary studies: past and present, by Nandini Sen – COVID-19 Perspectives