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  1. COVID-19 Perspectives – Page 3 – Research on COVID-19 from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh
  2. Edinburgh symposium shows anthropology can help us understand the social dynamics of COVID-19, writes Ritti Soncco – COVID-19 Perspectives
  3. Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members make COVID-19 information accessible in over twenty languages, writes Hilary Snaith – COVID-19 Perspectives
  4. Edinburgh based sociologists document their social transformation by the COVID-19 pandemic to create new sociological knowledge, writes Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  5. The UK COVID-19 response ignores impact of social inequalities, by Nasar Meer, Kaveri Qureshi, Ben Kasstan and Sarah Hill – COVID-19 Perspectives
  6. Edinburgh based anthropologist and artist auctions her painting to raise funds for the NHS, writes Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  7. Eastern Europe got the lockdown responses to COVID-19 right, writes Igor Rudan – COVID-19 Perspectives
  8. Authorities turned a blind eye to Nepali migrant workers, writes Radha Adhikari – COVID-19 Perspectives
  9. Animal care continues during COVID-19, writes Ranald Leask – COVID-19 Perspectives
  10. Edinburgh students share personal concerns, threats and possibilities in American Ethnologist – COVID-19 Perspectives
  11. Liberalism is fiction and privilege depends on disadvantage, writes Rebecca Hewer – COVID-19 Perspectives
  12. Kindness has thrived during the lockdown, write the Directors of the Global Compassion Initiative – COVID-19 Perspectives
  13. Smita Srinivas: fractured economics and considerations for the COVID-19 vaccine market, by Ritti Soncco – COVID-19 Perspectives
  14. What do abortion pills mean in a pandemic, asks Leah Eades – COVID-19 Perspectives
  15. How COVID-19 is used to stop lone child refugees from joining families in the UK, writes Nasar Meer – COVID-19 Perspectives
  16. COVID-19 and violent conflict: responding to predictable unpredictability, by Christine Bell – COVID-19 Perspectives
  17. COVID-19, emergency legislation and sunset clauses, by Sean Molloy – COVID-19 Perspectives
  18. COVID-19 and gender-based violence in conflict: new challenges and persistent problems, writes Catherine O’Rourke – COVID-19 Perspectives
  19. Don’t touch your face! The triggers, isolation and social connections of body-focused repetitive behaviours during COVID-19, by Bridget Bradley – COVID-19 Perspectives
  20. As countries ramp-up COVID-19 tests, Edinburgh University researchers discuss the expectations and values of diagnostics, writes Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  21. Targets, trust and COVID-19 testing, by Christina Boswell – COVID-19 Perspectives