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  1. COVID-19 Perspectives – Page 4 – Research on COVID-19 from across the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh
  2. Seeing Covid-19, or A visual journey through the epidemic in three acts, writes Cristina Moreno Lozano – COVID-19 Perspectives
  3. Medicine Anthropology Theory journal publishes virtual issue “Outbreak, Epidemics, and Infectious Diseases” – COVID-19 Perspectives
  4. InterSci interview with Dr Luciana Brondi on the public health significance of covid-19 – COVID-19 Perspectives
  5. Covid-19 laboratory preparedness in Africa: lessons can be learned from the Ebola outbreak, write Dr. Ann H. Kelly, Eva Vernooij, and Dr. Alice Street – COVID-19 Perspectives
  6. Stay calm, be active: simple ways to boost your physical activity during COVID-19 – By Coral Hanson, Paul Kelly, Alice Pearsons, Chloe Williamson, Sheona McHale, Steven Hanson & Lis Neubeck – COVID-19 Perspectives
  7. COVID-19 and philanthropy in Africa: a stitch in time? By Kenneth Amaeshi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  8. Coronashock capitalism: the unintended consequences of radical biopolitics, writes Stefan Ecks – COVID-19 Perspectives
  9. Coronavirus: we are risking a covid-19 tragedy in Europe’s refugee camps, writes Nasar Meer – COVID-19 Perspectives
  10. The return of the expert, by Christina Boswell – COVID-19 Perspectives
  11. Edinburgh Infectious Diseases held a workshop to highlight research carried out in the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – COVID-19 Perspectives
  12. How the social and behavioural sciences can help us beat the pandemic, writes Gowri Iyer and Nanda Kishore Kannuri – COVID-19 Perspectives
  13. Interview of Agomoni Ganguli Mitra on pandemic related social inequalities by University of Oxford’s Practical Ethics channel – COVID-19 Perspectives
  14. The science of quarantine and the social life of COVID-19, writes Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  15. For the ‘at-risk’ or vulnerable COVID-19 group: staying or becoming active during social distancing , by Lis Neubeck, Sheona McHale, Chloe Williamson, Paul Kelly, Alice Pearsons, Steven Hanson & Carol Hanson – COVID-19 Perspectives
  16. COVID-19 reveals the politics of xenophobia in real-time, writes Janet E Perkins – COVID-19 Perspectives
  17. The needs of public health and the economy need to be finely balanced during the pandemic, write Farah Huzair and Joyce Tait – COVID-19 Perspectives
  18. Children and young people aged 5-18 years should stay active. Here’s why, write Samantha Fawkner, Ailsa Niven, Steven Hanson, Chloë Williams & Coral L Hanson – COVID-19 Perspectives
  19. Recognising childrens’ rights in responses to COVID-19, by Aphaluck Bhatiasevi – COVID-19 Perspectives
  20. Lockdowns save, lockdowns kill: valuing life after coronashock, writes Stefan Ecks – COVID-19 Perspectives
  21. The many masks of a lockdown, by Krithika Srinivasan – COVID-19 Perspectives