3 Wedding Food Mistakes to Avoid


    3 Wedding Food Mistakes to Avoid

    However gorgeous your wedding is, people always remember the type of food they eat. So, food is a significant element of any wedding that you can’t ignore. Although you can’t satisfy everyone’s taste buds, you can create a wedding menu that your guests will love.

    To do that, you need to avoid the following pitfalls as you plan for your big day.

    1. Not Picking In-Season Options

    A wedding event is not the time to have your guests sample what you consider a favorite. For instance, if you have an undying love for peaches, you don’t need to include them in your salad, especially if you are having a fall wedding. Instead, think seasonally and choose something like pomegranate seeds.

    By choosing vegetables and fruits that are in season, you not only save money but also deliver a tastier choice for your guests. Furthermore, freshly picked produce during their peak season is higher quality than out-of-season produce.

    2. Not Considering Guests' Menu Needs

    The chances are that you have guests with special dietary needs. So, don’t forget to prioritize food allergies. You can include several vegan/gluten-free dishes on your menu to ensure everyone has a meal according to their preferences. Hence, everyone will eat what they enjoy and have a fantastic time at your wedding.

    However, don’t stress out so much about making a menu that accommodates everyone. If the options provided can’t cater to everyone, the guests can push aside what they don’t love and only eat what appeals to them. On the same note, you can’t make a vegan cake because of two or three relatives.

    3. Going Too Trendy

    While you and your spouse enjoy 100% vegan or spicy Indian dishes, the same may not apply to your guests. So, keep your guests in mind as you create menu choices. Extra spicy foods may not please everyone, except if the cultural background of your guests allows it.

    Just don’t create a menu with unusual options because most of your guests may not eat your food.

    If you work with Sweetbasil NYC food catering, you can avoid these wedding food mistakes. Leave all the heavy lifting to them, and focus on your big day.

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