What should you know before purchasing a boat season slip?


    What should you know before purchasing a boat season slip?

    Here are some things to think about while choosing the appropriate seasonal slip or dock for your boat:

    Docking Simplicity

    First and most important, you want a slip that is easy to get into and out of, has adequate water for your draft, easy on and off access for your boat, and convenient power, water, and other hook-ups.

    Momentum in Approach

    For boaters that dock the majority of the time when there is no wind and no current, it is preferable to dock on the approach side of a dock so that your fairway momentum pulls you up against the dock rather than dragging you away from it. It is simpler to dock with the wind or tide bringing you to your dock than away from it when docking with a prevailing breeze.

    Water Level

    Due to falling water levels in the Great Lakes and Midwest, checking current water depth may reveal that the slip provided is not deep enough for your keel or draft. In rare cases, there may be enough water to dock bow first, but if you wish or need to dock stern first, there must be enough water at the inside end of the slip to clear your propellers. Use a long pole to get an accurate depth reading. Check for any boulders or other big obstacles that were not previously a concern but may now be.

    Size of the Fingers

    The length size of the finger dock is another issue to consider depending on where your boat's entry point is located. The length of the dock is less important for individuals boarding through a side gate or into the cockpit/aft deck than for those stepping off the swim platform onto a low floating dock. If the platform extends beyond the tip of your finger, you won't be able to get on and off your boat.

    If there are no docks sufficient to allow you to step off where you desire, your only alternative is to back into the slip, in which case you will be tying on the opposite side and must choose a new slip if you want to tie on the same side.

    Height of the dock

    Larger powerboats find it easier to get off the platform at marinas with floating docks. To compensate for the height difference, you may need to add a ladder or a stool to the dock. In the case of sailboats, bowriders, and cuddies, the side deck is closer to the floating dock's height.

    Check Lake Havasu Marina for more information.

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