Increase Awareness About Sports Injuries


    Increase Awareness About Sports Injuries

    _This collection doesn't yet have a de_Increase Awareness About Sports Injuries - Don't just talk about sports injury prevention, do something about it. As part of this initiative, AICPE is working with Fitness365 to promote the National Games. It is a successful way to spread the message about the importance of sport and fitness. With this event, AICPE hopes to raise awareness about sports, thereby encouraging more people to participate in health-promoting physical activities.

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    FICCI is promoting sports awareness in India by helping organise National Sports Day, the first of its kind in the country. Along with FICCI, fitness365 has teamed up with AICPE and FICCI to promote the initiative. It's important to promote healthy lifestyles for everyone, and this webinar is one of the best ways to do so. Interested parties can learn more about how to take part in the event and how to promote it in their communities.

    A sports webinar is a great way to spread awareness about sports. This event brings together experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge about sports. The speakers of the webinar range from Assistant Prof Orthopaedic at Jinnah Hospital, to Directors of Sports Hafeez Bhatti and Deputy Director Chand Perveen. Students also performed street plays about the importance of participating in sports. If you're interested in learning more about sports and how to stay healthy, don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

    The FICCI has taken a significant step towards creating awareness about sports in India. With its first-of-its-kind initiative, the FICCI is promoting a National Sports Day, with the help of Fitness365, AICPE, and AICPE. If you want to be a part of it, get involved and make a difference. There are a lot of opportunities to support this initiative, and your participation in it will increase.scription.

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