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    Even if you say aphrodisiac in a word, there are people who imagine medieval magical medicine from its wording, but in modern times it is a product in the field that has been researched and developed and can remove sexual worries and anxieties. It is becoming known that there is.

    There is a great variety of uses and situations, and it is supported by many men and women all over the world to improve their sexual life.

    It can be said that such a modern age is the golden age of aphrodisiacs, where it is easy to find an aphrodisiac that suits your symptoms and wishes.

    We will systematically summarize how to use a variety of aphrodisiacs so that you can reconfirm the purpose and type, and introduce specific products for each purpose.

    Aphrodisiac effect Aphrodisiacs are divided into those that have an aphrodisiac effect that enhances mental sexual arousal and those that have a sexual function enhancing effect that enhances direct sexual stimulation.

    When increasing sexual arousal, there are aphrodisiacs that can not only increase your own excitement but also increase your partner’s sexual arousal, and you have options to choose according to your sexual life.

    There are various times when the effect appears, such as those that sustain the effect and change the constitution itself, and those that increase the sensitivity only during sexual activity.

    It is also important for women to create a mood before sexual activity. It is difficult to create a mood in conversations and space production, but aphrodisiacs such as pheromone perfume can naturally and effectively enhance each other’s mood.

    Differences between aphrodisiacs and energetic agents The difference between aphrodisiacs and energetic agents lies in how they act on the body.

    aphrodisiac Suitable for those who want to get excited right away. Aphrodisiacs can be expected to have “increased libido” and “increased secretions” and have immediate effects.

    The female genitals are more likely to get wet because the user feels that the brain must be excited. Instead of making it sloppy, it only amplifies libido and raises feelings more than usual, resulting in improved sensitivity and easier wetness.

    Energetic agent It is suitable for people who do not get an erection as expected and are suffering from age-related loss of libido. Energetic agents are expected to have the effects of “restoring sexual function,” “promoting blood circulation,” and “promoting male hormones.”

    It is basically made of natural ingredients and improves ED and premature ejaculation symptoms in men and frigidity symptoms in women.

    The difference is that aphrodisiacs increase the sensitivity of the body by raising one’s feelings mentally, and energetic agents act on the body to improve symptoms.

    However, both are used to actively engaging in sexual activity and have the same ultimate goal.

    Related page Energetic agent Side effects of aphrodisiacs Many aphrodisiacs are supplements of naturally derived ingredients, so the advantage is that there are almost no side effects to worry about.

    Many women are easily affected by the ingredients of medicines and suffer from side effects. Anxiety about the side effects of medicines can reduce sexual desire and sexual feeling, and aphrodisiac supplements have the advantage of being safe to use.

    Even if the aphrodisiac supplement has the same effect, there may be products with different ingredients, so you can expect more aphrodisiac effects if you choose according to your constitution.

    Some aphrodisiacs have side effects even with pharmaceutical types and natural ingredients. It is necessary to investigate the side effects of these in advance, but instead, you can expect a powerful effect.

    How to use aphrodisiac Regarding how to use aphrodisiacs, it is important to properly select the ingredients that suit each purpose. If you take a lot of active ingredients, the effect will not be stronger, so keep the fixed capacity and use it.

    In addition, the effect can be further improved by using the drink type to increase libido and the paint type to increase the sensitivity.

    Since many aphrodisiacs are supplements of natural ingredients, it is important to check the expiration date of the ingredients and use them within the expiration date when storing them.

    Keep in mind that perfume-type pheromone-containing aphrodisiacs require the other person to take in the perfume component as a good scent, and if you apply too much and the scent becomes too strong, it will have the opposite effect.

    How to make the aphrodisiac more effective There are also ways to increase the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs. Gender is not only related to the function of the body, but also to the heart, so it is important to increase mutual trust and create an atmosphere.

    There are also ingredients that enhance libido and sexual function in our lives. Zinc contained in oysters is closely related to a male hormone called testosterone, which is secreted in small amounts by the bodies of men and women, and it is known that this testosterone is involved in increasing libido.

    Tuna and walnuts contain omega 3 that improve blood circulation, and foods that contain a lot of vitamins that are good for hormone secretion are also good. A small amount of alcohol may improve the atmosphere and relationship, but alcohol makes it difficult for the active ingredient to be absorbed, which is not compatible with aphrodisiacs.

    By creating a constitution and situation where aphrodisiacs are effective, it is possible to further enhance sexual desire and sexual function, eliminate rut and lead a more fulfilling sexual life, and the relationship between the two even in the part not related to sexuality May lead to better results.

    Purpose of aphrodisiac I will explain the purpose of using aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs have different uses for different purposes.

    Immediate effects are used before the act to promote sexual stimulation and arousal, those that improve the sexual constitution by continuing to drink, and those that are applied directly to the genitals for sensitive areas It is divided into those that show a direct effect and those that exert a sexual arousal effect like a pheromone when attached to the body and exert an effect on the other party.

    Increase libido One of the purposes of aphrodisiacs is to increase libido. For those who want to increase the stimulation during sexual intercourse, it may be better to start with an aphrodisiac that enhances sexual desire in order. Aphrodisiacs that act on sexual desire stimulate the secretion of female hormones and balance the hormones.

    Increase sexual stimulation Another purpose of aphrodisiacs is to increase sexual stimulation. It is used to increase the sensitivity of the genitals themselves. ED treatments used for frigidity and sexual arousal improvement disorders are also a type of aphrodisiac and are also being developed and manufactured for women.

    The active ingredient acts on the vasodilation of the female genitals, making it more sensitive and temporarily making it easier to reach orgasm.

    Types of aphrodisiacs Aphrodisiacs can be classified into three types according to their shape: drinking type, painting type, and perfume type.

    Drinking type Drinking aphrodisiacs that increase sexual arousal are the mainstream. There are some that you can take immediately before sexual activity and feel the immediate effect, and some that you can get the effect by continuing to take it.

    Those that have an immediate effect will be effective as soon as they are absorbed in the body. You can increase your libido just by counting back the absorption time and drinking before sexual activity. It is an aphrodisiac with active ingredients such as oxytocin, which works on serotonin, which is said to be effective mainly for feeling love and happiness, and Yohimbe, which promotes libido.

    There are also aphrodisiacs that have the role of balancing female hormones in the body and increasing female hormones themselves.

    Women may affect their sexual arousal due to the imbalance of hormones during menstruation and the decrease in female hormones due to age and stress. We will improve our constitution over time by taking it continuously so that sexual desire and sexual function can be enhanced by adjusting the balance of hormones and secreting hormones firmly.

    Type to paint There are some types of aphrodisiacs that can be applied directly to the genitals to increase irritation. Ingredients penetrate directly into sensitive areas, and you can feel a clear effect in a short time.

    In order to increase sexual stimulation, it is necessary to improve blood flow and blood circulation in the genitals, and a method of sensitizing the senses is effective.

    Aphrodisiacs containing cream-type or ointment-type blood circulation-improving active ingredients have immediate effects, so they can be used immediately before sexual activity. There is also a type of aphrodisiac that is taken continuously to improve the blood circulation of the genitals and improve the sensitivity of the erogenous zone.

    Perfume type Perfume-type aphrodisiacs include those containing pheromone ingredients. You can act on the other person, increase their sexual arousal, and increase their attractiveness to yourself.

    Pheromones are “hormones that induce specific behaviors in the other person” that animals have. Among them, “sex pheromones” are substances that induce sexual arousal.

    It has been said that human pheromones have degenerated both the organs that they emit and receive, but in recent years, research and experiments have proved that pheromones also induce behavior in humans.

    Both females and males are designed to instinctively recognize those who can leave offspring as attractive, and it is known that pheromones are greatly involved in the secretion of sex hormones involved in reproduction.

    In other words, pheromones are needed to increase the excitement of the other person and make one feel attractive, and in order to produce more pheromones, it is necessary to improve hormone balance and hormone secretion.

    Research on the mechanism and substances of this pheromone has progressed and developed a pheromone-containing perfume. Similar to pheromones, these are compounded with sexually attracting substances that appeal to instinct and exert sexual desire and aphrodisiac effects, in order to improve human relationships by increasing the other person’s liking for oneself and improving mood. Some people use it for.

    History of aphrodisiacs The appearance of aphrodisiacs dates back to ancient times, and it is said that Cleopatra and Yang Guifei attracted not only men but also women with their fascinating scents, which were also used the scents as aphrodisiacs.

    The description of the aphrodisiac remains in the oldest sex Kama Sutra in ancient India, which was made about 1700 years ago. In ancient Rome, aristocratic women used their favorite gladiator sweat as a moisturizer and lubricant.

    It is said that the aphrodisiac character first appeared in history when Wu Zetian, the only empress in Chinese history, was named Aimusume because of its beauty. Since then, it has been used as a character to express “glossiness” and “sex appeal”.

    In Japan, it seems that it has been known from the end of the Kamakura period to the Muromachi period that saponin, a sexual stimulation enhancing component, is contained in colocasia gigantea. Higo Zuki, a sex toy using this colocasia gigantea, was said to have been used as a souvenir for the change of attendance in order to be presented to the Tokugawa Shogun family by the Higo Hosokawa clan. ..

    In the Edo period, during the Kanei era, there was the oldest adult shop in Japan called Yotsumeya, which sold aphrodisiacs called Chomeimaru and Hobashiramaru.

    On the other hand, in medieval Europe, it was incorporated into one of the rituals, and the finest ingredients were taken as an aphrodisiac. It is certain that there were some that had a large placebo effect, such as the magic of secretly mixing it with the food of the person you care about.

    However, it is a certain fact that aphrodisiacs that deepen love and increase the excitement of men and women have always been the focus of people’s attention and played an important role.

    Modern aphrodisiac There used to be times when garlic and onions were called aphrodisiacs, but modern aphrodisiacs are, of course, ingredients that can be clearly expected to be effective.

    With the development of science and technology and medicine, ingredients that enhance sexual function and pheromones have been discovered one after another, and many supplements of naturally derived ingredients and pheromone perfumes have been sold.

    Also, from the original definition that the word aphrodisiac is a drug that enhances sexual arousal and romantic feelings, lubricating fluids for increasing pleasure in sexual activity and relieving pain at the time of insertion are also treated as aphrodisiacs. Its scope and options are very diverse.

    Aphrodisiacs are also used for menopausal disorders, decreased libido due to hormonal imbalance, and frigidity that does not lead to sexual climax (orgasm), and it is also a means to solve sexual problems peculiar to women.

    Reference site: ・Aphrodisiac-Wikipedia

    summary Aphrodisiacs should be selected in a very wide range and delicately according to the purpose, from increasing one’s sexual desire and vitality to improving sexual stimulation and sexual feeling and also attracting men with a pheromone perfume containing a sexual attractant. I can.

    Interest in romance and sexuality promotes hormone secretion and makes people beautiful, and if it becomes possible to increase sensitivity and reach orgasm, pentylamine that suppresses other desires is secreted, and many women It also helps to suppress the common problem of “appetite”.

    Making good use of aphrodisiacs and becoming sexually positive leads to bringing out the beauty that you originally have.

    Employees in nursing care homes should also show their care and concern when taking care of patients in an elderly care facility at Betbubbles. It’s through their warmth and kindness the patient can learn how to feel calm and comfy.

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