Rhythm and blues is an African-American genre of music, it is popularly known as R&B. The meaning of this genre is the rhythm comes from the music's typical dependence on four-beat measures or bars and the liberal use of a backbeat. And the blues portion comes from the lyrics and melodies of the songs, which were often sad, or 'blue'. It is one of the most popular genres today. It was began as an expressive musical style in the Urban Black communities across America in the 1940's. The music took influences from jazz, gospel music and blues music; sometimes featuring the same danceable boogie-woogie rhythms that country music had adopted and combining guitars, drums and bass with brass instruments, such as the saxophone. By the 2000s, the only big difference between a record being a hip hop record or an R&B record is whether its vocals are rapped or sung. R&B started to focus more on solo artists than groups. And by the year goes by, there are so many R&B artist continues to be popular include Usher, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown. R&B music has a successful start to the 21st century. However, in 2010, R&B sounds and styles were being more commonly used in Hip Hop music. Artists such as Drake started using smooth R&B instrumentation and sounds, and combined it with rap music.

    The meaning of the term continued to change over time, and today it is still used as an umbrella term for many different African-American musical forms. Though it began as a general term for African American music, the synthesis of styles that became what is now called rhythm and blues caught on among a wide youth audience during the post war period and contributed to changing the racial divide in American society and music of the mid-twentieth century. The development of rhythm and blues occurred just as segregation became a growing social issue in American society. This is the reason why a strong reaction of proponents of segregation and was one reason why rhythm and blues and early rock and roll were often seen as dangerous to America's youth. But with young people of all backgrounds identifying with these new musical styles, a generation was becoming ready for a more equal society.

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