The Essential Guide to Maintaining Undercarriage Parts


Undercarriage is one of the most crucial parts of heavy machinery, though it makes up a minor fraction of the machine's initial purchase price. There are wholesalers engaged in providing branded undercarriage parts at lower prices. They carry a wide range of parts from all well-known brands, such as John Deere rubber tracks, John Deere heavy equipment parts, John Deere equipment rollers, John Deere sprockets for purchase online, and John Deere compact track loader parts. These undercarriage parts are inevitable in heavy machinery, and they account for 50% of the average annual running and repair costs for your machine. Thus, it is crucial to perform routine maintenance to prevent a high repair charge. Here are our best recommendations for keeping your undercarriage healthy.

Wear and tear

As a machine's undercarriage supports its weight, it is only normal for its moving parts to deteriorate over time as the machine performs its task. However, by spending some time on the proper maintenance, you can increase the service life of your undercarriage components.

Best practise

It is important that the operator be skilled in using the equipment, so there will be slower wear rates. When it comes to undercarriages, there is no one size fits all; therefore, selecting the proper undercarriage and track width for the surroundings might have an impact on operations. Standard tracks, for instance, are ideal for flat, firm terrain with little incline. Low-ground-pressure tracks, on the other hand, are wider and more appropriate for softer, wetter ground conditions. Track wear can be slowed by minimising any unwanted tracking and avoiding abrasive materials, such as rocky places on the job site.

Speed control

The machine's speed should also be taken into account; for instance, increasing the machine's speed when pushing large loads can result in slipping and unnecessary wear and tear on the machinery.

Best practises

It is crucial to understand the best operating practises and how site conditions can also affect the longevity of tracks and undercarriage components. When minimising any unnecessary tracking and avoiding abrasive material, such as rocky areas on the construction site, track wear can be slowed. Additionally, operators should take extra caution in areas where a lot of stuff can get under the undercarriage. For instance, if they are working in a muddy environment or on a garbage site, they should regularly sweep up debris throughout the day.

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