Writing a bio is not easy because it requires a student to define themselves in a few words. Similarly, it is also a comprehensive description of an individual’s life and state facts like work, education, and relationships.

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Most of the students get confused while writing a short and personal bio. However, taking a few minutes to think about your personality can help you write a perfect bio. They are usually drafted with the participation, cooperation and the permission of the subject itself.

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On the other hand, a professional bio involves a summary of who you are as an employer. Both types of professional and personal bios are the art of presenting yourself in the most compelling way.

How to Write A Bio?

Bios are written in different ways. You can always rely on the free essay writing service online to get done with this task at affordable rates.

On the other hand, if you are planning to write a bio yourself, follow the steps given below:

1. Introducing Yourself

It is important to always begin with your name as the audience wants to know who you are before learning what you do.

Such personal data should be mentioned in the first sentence where you share:

Your Core Values

Outlook on Life

Your Passion

2. Thinking About the Word Count

Think about the word count before started writing a bio. The length of your bio primarily depends on your primary focus and goals. Write at least 500 words for better ranking.

3. Decide to Craft A Bio in First or Third Person

It is necessary to decide the context in which you want to write your bio. Personal bios are written in the first person. Whereas, the professional bios are drafted in the third person.

4. Mention Your Current Job Role

Always mention your current job role in your bio. However, if you are not employed currently, mention:

Previous Position

Current Expertise

5. Stating the Company

Stating the current employer can help the people to know about your industry and experience. Skip this step if you are self-employed or unemployed.

6. Write Your Professional Accomplishments

Mention at least one of your professional accomplishments. Include the links and samples of your products, company or service.

7. Include Personal Details

It is a good idea to add personal details in your bio because it will help people understand you better. These may include:

Favorite movies, TV shows, or books


Personal history


Contact Information

Email address

A link to your LinkedIn account

8. Editing and Revising

Read your bio aloud after finish writing. This technique will identify any mistakes or wrong sentence structures. Update it with any essential information like a degree or a promotion.

9. Getting Professional Help

Sometimes, you need someone to help you write your bios. A professional free essay writer can provide you with such services by achieving your goals. Similarly, he can also provide other expert assistance in proofreading your bio.

10. Stay Authentic

Most of the bios are usually formulaic and does not require much to stand out. Adding accurate and to the point details can make it sound unique.

Don’t compare your writing piece with others. Remember that your story is only yours and it has value. Therefore, try to focus on staying authentic to your truth.

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You can also take help from the bios of other people. But never made a mistake of copying them as it is. Different online tools like Grammarly can also help you choose powerful words and phrases.

Following this complete guide can assist you in writing a perfect bio for yourself.

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